Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Characteristics of Kingdom church..


A KINGDOM church is always learning, always progressing and always pursuing the heart and passion of JESUS.

Fruits of a Kingdom minded people?

Readiness to receive: I witnessed an elderly couple sitting in one of our sessions armed with pen and pad writing down point for point, nodding their heads in agreement, and applauding with excitement every time Tyrone ( from NCMI) mentioned something of great value. Their 'Amens' were more frequent and heard above the many that were there. What is so different about this ? ....Well, nothing other than the fact that this couple have been in ministry for decades. They have planted churches and led ministerial works in different cities and if thats not enough they have started and administrated Christian schools in our region. They are more likely to be the ones teaching and most probably more qualified from that point of view. Instead they are the ones listening, unassuming and ready to recieve the Word no matter who is delivering it.

Readiness to worship: It never ceases to amaze me how many people are more ready to sing than to worship. Of course singing plays it role in worship but reciting a few words printed up on a screen is not worship. There is a passion found in a worshipful heart that requires no music nor words. It's as if you can take this worshipper place him in the middle of no where and he will translate that place into the very tabernacle of God. Look at a true worshiper and you see someone who abandons his reality, as if Jesus was right there with him. Well that's right....He is there...but they actually believe this!

Readiness to sacrifice : Well would it surprise you if I said that 15 Christian leaders signed up for this Seminar but never arrived nor expressed any apologies or excuse. Let your yes be yes and your no be no = Integrity. In our city we hear of a great call for revival...especially among our leaders but what would they be willing to sacrifice to get this. There is an inconvenience, a cost and a sacrifice to Kingdom. Sometimes you have to buy a field just to get to the treasure, sometimes you have to stop the program to seek out that which has been lost BUT most of the time Kingdom requires, in fact, it demands some kind of sacrifice. The Devil never stops distracting us with business, family, work and tiredness - We believe that going the extra mile will actually wear us down when in fact the word says that Grace comes to us when we seek Him out (We find REST in Him). Our priority must be Kingdom and the Kingdom is ALL not one over another. Sacrifice is not found in the daily routine of your Christian life BUT in that which extents you beyond this routine.

Readiness to finish: Oh yes it seems so much easier to start something than to finish it. My girls love to make me breakfast every now and then but there is a saying we have "the blessing is not in the making the breakfast but in the cleaning up-afterwards". Finishing strong my friends is possibly more important and many times it helps empower others to carry on its effects into the next season. If it wasn't for Jesus finishing His work we would not live in this resurrection power and empowering of His Spirit. I think the book of TIMOTHY is a great letter written by Paul as he empowers Timothy into his future by finishing strong. What good is it if you had a great run but what you hand over amounts to little. What does your EXIT plan look like ? Does it empower the next generation, leave a legacy or does it leave them having to figure out how they're gonna clean up the mess!!

In conclusion, Kingdom thinkers find ways to unite the strongest men and women together. They are fighters who passionately strategize and reason together but they don't do this to define their place in this world, rather,they help define the teams purpose in moving forward and in the process they are able to maintain a partnership that becomes outstanding in the field. They are builders and architects that extend the mandate and purpose of God and their synergy is found solely in their PASSION for the KING himself, JESUS CHRIST.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The process of synergy ......produces a church that has a apostolic heart

2 Cor 8.23 As for Titus, he is my partner (common) and fellow worker (work together) among you; as for our brethren, they are messengers of the churches, a glory to Christ.

As we look at the above scripture there are a few things that are worth considering. I believe that what we see here is a relational progression :

Friendship for Titus

Some of the greatest people I know are my friends. We enjoy each others company, we spend time together, we talk and invest in each others kids. We know each other by name, in some cases we come up with nick names. A relationship starts with friendship which is to be known and acknowledged by another and although it is foundational, a Kingdom relationship cannot stop there.

Partner partner

The word here is koin┼Źnos - it is the sharer or perhaps a better word is to have in 'common'. This is a great covenant term in which two parties make their livelihood and livestock (resources/talents/defenses) available to each other. They will stand in the gap and become whatever is lacking in the other. And it should not stop there....

Synergy ......fellow worker (synergos)

This is where they work together with intention to accomplish a task. They trust one another to that degree that now they are willing to labor together- keep in mind that the work of a mans hand is the ultimate resource - it's at this point that most realize the power of synergy - this depth of relationship releases an efficiency and fruitfulness that is difficult to explain. Some call it the 1+1=3 principle. Synergy is where the effect of their combined work is greater than the sum of the effect of their individual work. In some case studies this is calculated out to be as much as 25% more.

This relationship generally results in a powerful and concentrated release of energy and resources (revival). It's this united power that is the fruit of a relational journey that has stood the test of time where much of those heart and character issues have been dealt with. Unfortunately many give up before it reaches its full capacity and therefore never realize the power of synergy.

Is it perhaps this principle we see in the Trinity. In the old days it was a great benefit to have oxen that were willing to be yoked together. Psm 133 is quoted so often when it comes to unity but we must see this unity as the fruit of the work. To assume I can simply partake of the fruit without the sacrifice is worldly, cheap and common. True kingdom relationship must have it's full work in us through patients and sacrifice must cost you something.

...they are messengers. (Apostolic)

When synergos has it full work in our lives the result is CHURCHES who band together and send and release apostolos workers into the world. The church becomes apostolic ...
(Important to note that apostolic workers represent churches and a church)

Just a thought ....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Partnerships are intentional

Rogue: right or wrong
For too many years we have seen many of our young passionate men break denominational ranks to pursue the purpose of God at the cost of partnership. Some rightfully so, seeking to extent their cutting edge youthfulness, subdued godly vision and 'stallion styled' passion to break the control and lording that had them bound building a church's empire while, others, equally strong simply refused to submit to authority and therefore chose to become it.

Does vision equal commission?
Our ability to see what is on God heart doesn't equate to commission or authority. We must reVIVE and emphasize again that vision and commission does not belong to any one man, it is not the responsibility of any one man - NO - on contrary it is the mandate of a team of people called THE CHURCH.

I am not saying we shouldn't have leaders in the church but rather emphasizing the importance of TEAM. What good is a King if his kingdom is divided....Perhaps we can see the a pattern difference between the likes of Moses and Paul.

One man vs Team
Moses given a word leads the people out by himself using the rod and staff while Jesus and Paul called or trained up disciples (small team) - releasing, equipping and empowering them to go. It would seem team is important - see Paul journeys were not alone but in team - EPH 4 reveals the importance of a team of gifted men who will ready/perfect the church in regards to good works, knowing Christ and building/growing the body.

TEAM seems to be the emphasis and model of the New Testament. I believe as the church faces tougher times we will need greater partnership to do the same things we did before.

Begin some where!!
Perhaps you're one of those individuals or leaderships who now knows that you need team. Someone once said "if you do the same things you did before why would you expect change" - I've realized great relationships take time and effort


Here is my recommendation -
Ncmi (New Covenant Ministries International) led by Tyrone Daniel
- check them out at

This is a great team of church leaders from all over the world who seek, together, what is on Gods heart,  they preach Jesus and speak the Kingdom. Yes like all, they aren't perfect but they are passionate about the commission of the church and the importance and purpose of the local church in building the Kingdom of CHRIST. With-in their ranks are found some of the most God fearing men that reflect not only the nature of Christ but also the wisdom of Christ

Connect with us at one of the next conferences worldwide or email me 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

USA: Missionaries out !

America vs American's

When I came to America I remember how Christian Americans would proudly tell me about America.... as it was not as it is. They would say it was a place for family, a dreamers paradise, a place of freedom, a people who had the power to change, pioneer & fashion the future, determine their outcome and honor their God, where there was separation between God and state which could be clearly seen in this amazing constitution, they boasted about, that has stood the test of time established by their forefathers and strengthened by the good moral standing of citizens who together could stand their ground and resists any governmental onslaught against their conscience, their religion and their hopes. You see unlike the rest of the world "THE PEOPLE HAVE POWER", they would say..... Really!!

Finding our reality

I entered America in 2006 legally, excited, overwhelmed and passionate but would I leave the same way I came.... My perception of this country was that it was the country of all countries: self-sufficient, powerful, resourceful, 1st world, greatest economy, an engineers dream, a musicians opportunity and a church that many would be proud of. Boy, was I in for a surprise..... What could these people draw from an African man like of me, my life, my family and my faith in Christ?

As I began to explore what was said to me and what is.....I found there was much difference. What was happening in the streets, on the ground and in the family lives of every day people did not line up with the perception that many have of America. Something was a miss....something was lost. The greatest value that America has is not itself but it's people.... It is a good crew that makes a ship great  - attack the crew and you've conquered the ship. 
-- Has America seems to be more valuable than American's ? --

I came to serve

I came to this country because God said so...not for any other reason but to honor God, to bring Him praise by serving him in this nation, and this, by establishing houses of worship (church) for him extending His Kingdom. Is this not the ultimate purpose of life, it is mine, to be to His praise. I came to love on these people, to give to these people my money, my family and my time, to be among them, to work with them and be their friend and their partner. To sacrifice as they had, to feel as they felt, to prove and affirm in them the mighty hand of God and ensure that their trust and faith was not in their lifestyle, their culture, their governmental or political systems BUT in their God (Jesus Christ). This journey has proven to me that there are two major giants here : 1. the culture  and     2. the governmental system  
(Surprise, surprise, apparently the same things the Jesus dealt with when he came to fulfill He's purpose.)

The Culture

Every time we see Israel go into disarray and disaster, it was because it chose to mix, the culture that God had given them to live by, with the cultures of the world. I am astounded by how much of the Gospel in this country is mixed with a little of every thing else. The parallel to Israel is evident.....and where will it end. I can truly say that I have witnessed a Gospel of a different kind, not one worthy of praise but one that the bible says (2 Cor 11 3-4; Gal 1.9) such a person preaching these things should be eternally condemned by us (but that's hate speech not politically correct). Many people do not know what the gospel of Christ really is, they're confused at times..... American culture has become like smoke to the eyes of many believers and many believers think that the solution is a subdued position of prayer (close your eyes) - It would seem that Fear has gripped the hearts of so many fighting warriors of the Kingdom in this country (The fear of loss of family, persecution, loss of comforts and luxury etc) that they have chosen to hide themselves in closets rather than to stand the ground and publicly DEFEND this gospel in the face of opposition even if it means their demise (It must be said that not all are like this). We are in a war.....
It's easier to sacrifice a missionary (one sent by God) than to fight the culture.... (1 Thess 2.15-16)

Government systems

Government is a God ordain idea but systems and laws may not necessary be godly. As we read the Bible we see that it was religious leaders and civil governmental system of laws that was used to destroy, crucify and deport the likes of Jesus and following him all the disciples including men like Paul and so many other missionaries. If it wasn't for these men where would our countries be....I came from Africa and was the product of many such American missionaries who made their way into our country to deliver a simple Gospel and establish churches, many of whom were killed for their faith. It is these so called 'laws' that regulated, subdued and destroyed missionaries and churches (its mission and voice) and when applied in different ways validated and proved such Godly men to be oppositional, counter cultural and unlawful. And now,  it seems, I too have become one of those in a country I least expected this to be the case. Yes, I have read the stories of men in China, Eastern block and many of the muslim controlled countries who have been deported, destroyed and maimed for their Christian faith. America...No ways...would we deport such people who come with an unction from God and with goodwill. The Answer is... Yes... I am amazed how many people believe that a governmental decision like this is a godly one. 'Well', they say 'It must be Gods will or perhaps you did something wrong.... Shame on you for not knowing the difference.
It seems easier to keep the peace than to fight for truth, but not so beneficial in the long run.



I can testify one story after another of the Grace of God in this journey but I will say this too, that my task is not yet done.
I am accused of :

1. Planting an autonomous, non-denominational independent church that doesn't fit the prescribed regulations of this country.

2.  Not earning enough money (irrespective of the fact that I am well cared for, driving around in a 20k vehicle and living comfortably)

3. I am also accused of starting a church that, although registered with my State,  is not a '501c3' bona fida non-profit organization and therefore not recognized federally as a church, certainly not by immigration standards

4. Furthermore,  I am refused the opportunity to act as a contractor on behalf of an independent American church to plant another such church and expect the planted church to pay its way accordingly.

And so on, America says lets DEPORT HIM and his family even if it is 7 years later...Even if it means that a whole church community, now 5 years old, of good standing American's could be at risk of losing another shepherd. There is no common sense applied, no site visitation, no interview, no personal or community impact consideration, no character assessment, risk assessment.... Nothing... Just a simple DENIED ...Why, who would care?  It's just a small church in a insignificant country town in Kansas.....Yes, but it's one I was sent too...

Will you stand by and watch while the stones keep coming or will you take to heart that spoken by James :

" Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do." 

--- Ask the Lord what needs doing and do it  ---

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Famine or Not ?

Knowing the times

One of the most testing and difficult times that anyone could experience is the time of famine. Its is said that famine is much like a war, in that, it bring to surface the ruthless, desperate and the selfish need for self preservation. It is no secret that Americans are struggling today....Many have denied the signs, tried BLIND faith or simply denied the fact that it could happen to this great nation (Yes we can)... Some have refused to adjust and have found themselves deeper in trouble...Struggling through every month hoping that their world would suddenly change BUT it just didn't and isn't.
If you can read my friends then READ THE SIGNS ...

Look and see

I love how God on many occasion takes his prophets into a desperate land and then asks "what do you see". Why are we so satisfied with the sight and insight of others in this WORLD (news media,internet, TV commentators.. men of apparent reputation) when you have eyes to see and ears to hear....'Woman and man of God'
There are three basic ways I believe God has chosen for us to see:
We know when winter is coming because we see the Physical signs....We know when a fight is about to break out because we sense Emotional signs of tension and stress, and in like manner, we know when their is a unsettling to come because we feel it  Intuitively (Spiritual signs).

You need not be surprised 

If we would care to consider, or as the WORD of God says in one place " think upon these things" and ask the questions "What do we see?" , "What do we feel?" and "What do we sense?", then would we be surprised? No, not at all, on the contrary we would be ready.....The bible claims that in the last days the LOVE of MANY will wax cold - Would this be because they were so blind sided, unexpectedly hit by the struggle of life while hoping and leaning on their outdated prophetic words. So many of us believe that God is a dynamic God except when it come to what he prophetically to us 5, 10 or 15 years ago. We struggle to factor into our worldview the proverbial 'last days', 'end times'. Elijah once prophesied disaster and drought and then later complained because he was in it.
Lets get UPTODATE with the prophetic thoughts of God for our day

Re-defining READY

I used the Word "ready" and perhaps it's best to re-define this word clearly. Ready is not the ability to make life easier or to bring relief to the lost (humanism) when strife hits. No, friends....'Ready' has more to do with facing the anticipated strife and struggle with a sense of PEACE, yes, shalom. You see peace is not the absence of struggle...It is the clear sense of hope and overcoming faith in our God amidst struggle.  It has more to do with our attitude and heart than our ability to be made more comfortable.....Not to say we don't prepare but to keep the main thing the main thing

Have a wonderful week, 
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Thanks for your support, financially and otherwise,
Rodney Ducroq

Next post we will deal with how to prepare for Famine times ......

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do we care enough to say something ?

Math 18.15
15"If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. 16 But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that 'every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.' 17 If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.
Do you really love them enough
All of us know some christian friend that falls into this category. I'm not talking about those who have a repented heart for things they find themselves involved in but those who have one of two things:
1. move across the threshold of guilt
Yes, it is possible to start off with sinning and then feel guilty and carrying on until one day we sin and woopa ...that guilt feeling is so diminished that it has no influence on our conscience. It's become our experience...desensitized ....results in being deceived
2. Ignorance is bliss
Well we're all growing together in the things of God, and in the process there are things we've brought into this new relationship like customs, activities and habits of the past. They seem, on the surface, morally fine and acceptable because perhaps they are not hurting anyone but in reality, they're not of CHRIST. Sometimes these things can point to our character ..."Bad character is shortage of Godly input" ... results in self estimation
Do we really care enough ......then say something to them !!!
And lets do it in a way that honors them


Monday, August 15, 2011

Friendship is synonymous with love there any other way

"Friends have lived for each other, friends have died for each other, friends have endured far more, even death for each other. Friends have given up home, and kindred and property, hope of gain and even good name, at the call of friendship. And whenever there is friendship today there is readiness to do, and to endure and to yield to the uttermost "(friendship by clay trumball).

I am always surprised by the many times people want friendship outside of the sacrifice of love or love outside of friendship. As if the two can somehow find wholeness apart from the other and in fact apart from one another they become more of a service or a duty. And perhaps it's wise to define love:   the expression of friendship that has no claim, return, does not expect or even receive honor in any form because of its delivery.

I am guilty.... of the many times I expressed the sacrifice of love out of duty not friendship...Great servant I was.. I did not see my motive but it clearly was not pure. I believe that we, as the church, must revisit this matter of friendship and love before we move into the duty of our daily Christianity.

Divine friendship: "not that we loved God but that he loved us" this unexpected love is what he calls GRACE. We learn by this that it is not based in our loving Him but on our being loved by Him. Being a friend doesn't necessarily require two people but one with the attitude to be-friend another.

Much to consider the journey